Help For Victims

  • Safeplace is Thurston County's women's shelter. It's much more than a shelter-it provides many other services, too. You can call them anytime (night or day) to talk to them about your situation and to get knowledgeable advice. They can also help you to find the resources you need. Their number is (360) 754-6300, or 1-800-364-1776 toll free.

  • If you live outside of Thurston County, you can call this toll-free hotline for domestic violence help in your area: 1-800-799-7233.  You can find a list of domestic violence programs and shelters in Washington (listed by city) at  .

  • Men who are victims of domestic violence can call a helpline at 1-877-643-1120 access code 0757.  A website for men who are victims of domestic violence can be found at .

  • Safety Plan: Victims of domestic violence should plan ahead for their safety and the safety of their children in case they must take action in a violent incident or flee their home. This link provides a fill-in-the-blank safety plan you can use. To open the plan, you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer -  Your local women's shelter or domestic violence program may be able to provide invaluable confidential advice for staying safe in your situation.

  • Are you afraid  you are losing your mind?  You might be suffering from common effects of living through a traumatic event or long-term abuse.  There is help!  Click here to find out more.

  • Getting legal help:  An excellent website on finding a lawyer is at .  In Thurston County, Safeplace offers free legal clinics for victims of domestic violence and can refer to CLEAR, a local free legal aid agency (call 360.754.6300) .