Certified Abuser Treatment Programs

The Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) certifies programs that meet the requirements of the state’s domestic violence laws, including minimum qualifications for counseling staff. Such programs must involve at least 6 months of group meetings or active counseling and another 6 months of periodic follow-up. DSHS can be contacted about domestic violence programs by calling Roy Carson at the Division of Children and Family Services at (360) 902-7602.

The following list was updated December, 2004.  (Phone numbers are area code 360)

Abuser Programs in Thurston County 
Alternatives to Domestic Violence   357-7986
Chehalis Tribal Domestic Violence Program   273-5504
Northwest Resources II, Inc.   943-8810  
Cain, Atwell, and Associates  459-8158 
Peace Maker  459-5312   
Salvation Army, sliding scale referrals   352-8596

Abuser Programs in Lewis County 
Awareness Counseling Team (Centralia)  330-2832
Community Health Outreach   740-0640
Morgan Counseling Service  748-8480
Pacific Psychological Services  748-3774

Abuser Programs in Mason 
Shelton Counseling Advocacy Network  427-0159 
Pacific Psychological Associates  425-3854  
S.T.O.P. IV  426-5654  

Abuser Programs in Grays Harbor County 
S.T.O.P. (Aberdeen)  1-800-992-1168